Services   Benefits for the partner
  • The fees include the following services:
    • Design of joint standards
    • Coordination of projects and concepts
    • Workshops and experiences
    • Head of working groups
    • Information on the status of the working groups, progress reports
    • Hotline und Beratung
    • Involvement in norms and standards information
    • Newsletter
    • About the market, products, manufacturers, support programs
    • Press releases on joint projects
    • Coordination Location Planning
  • Upon receipt of an entry fee, each participant receives the Park & Charge Manual in PDF format. The manual is continuously updated and transmitted at irregular intervals to participants.
  • Ability to find use at low cost for the individual and shared sustainable solutions
  • Reduction of effort through joint development of solutions in relation to individual development through the individual partners
  • Participation in jointly developed, harmonized solutions
  • Participation in the batch of Park & Charge during years of experience in Europe
  • Information gained through various contacts, too difficult to access specialists
  • Support for the development of excellence in the individual partners, based on the results of «Open Platform Infrastructure» opi2020

  • financial contribution:
    • Admission fee (for injected inputs) according to Post List
    • Registration fee to the workshops for one year: according to Post List
  • time expenses: Attendance at about 6 workshops per year + effort to read the reports
  • Travel: In the interests of the broadest possible information inputs are provided for one to two meetings per year outside of Switzerland
  Offer for Users
The offer to participate in the «Open Platform Infrastructure» (opi2020) can be found here:

Offer PDF PDF flyer A5
Offer PDF PDF A4

Registration for participants:
To register to participate in opi2020 You can use this link as txt Word or PDF PDF document.
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