Basic definition of a "Home Charging Device" ("Home Supply Device")

Over 80% of all charging operations of electric vehicles (even the latest studies) done overnight at home. The "Home Charging Device" is therefore the most important link of the electric vehicle to the power supply!

In all "DACHCZ" countries (D, A, CH, CZ) is a reporting requirement for frequency-changing electrical appliances >2kVA. The energy delivery point (outlet, supply device) for the electric vehicle is covered by the rules.

As expected in the future with a large increase in electric vehicles as an energy consumer in the network, the utilities must have the ability to control these consumers.
Question: Can this only happen with a device which is owned by the utility company (also a requirement for the necessary adjustments which, for the HCD needed because of changing technical requirements to make possible). And is the "HCD" this device.

Charging with Mode1 and 2 is possible.
According to ASEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) position paper of 14 June 2010 will start a harmonized solution for the use of Mode3 for new vehicles from 2017, until then, only vehicle or brand specific Mode3 solutions available.
I.e. Mode3 before 2017 is not interoperable!

Important Note:
  • Since 2017 still expect change relating to the charging modes, it must be kept in the "HCD" sufficient space for additional controls.
  • So that these changes can be made, it must be the "HCD" in the property of the Energy supply company!

A HCD consists of:
  • RCBO (combined CB and RCD) with 13A, 30mA a.c. characteristic
  • Type of socket-outlet as needed from the vehicle or given by standards
  • Controlled Load Device to manage the use of energy can be a:
    • Timer
    • Network command receiver, ripple-control receiver
    • Radio remote control receiver
    • GPRS receiver
    • Sub-Meter to receive a Smart meter signal (in 10-15 years possible)
  • Override pushbutton for the "Controlled Load Device" for daytime operation
  • Energy meter
  • Mechanical or electronic switching devices
  • Mode3 controller in future installations

  Home Charging Device

Schema HCD Mode1 & 2


HCD Schema Mode3



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