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LEMnet Europe e.V. founded. Switzerland and "Central Germany" Shaping the future of electric mobility infrastructure. Europe's largest online database of information for electric vehicles energy supply infrastructure in future works of Jena and makes the development of electric mobility in Europe visible.

Another milestone on the road to environmentally clean electric mobility in Germany and Europe, Middle German companies, research institutions and associations in cooperation with the Swiss Park & ​​Charge achieved with the creation of the "LEMnet Europe - European Association for neutral information about European and international infrastructure for all electric Vehicles "on 26 March 2012 in Jena. more

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Online database
The LEMnet is now the largest database of charging stations for electric vehicles. We can offer large network operators a separate icon on the LEMnet page. The database is now being updated in order to enable smaller operators to present their stations in an easier way. For this group, we offer the option of a separate frame with its own icon on the company's web site (see example below). Every operator involved in charging stations for electric vehicles may continue to use the database directly for his area. The example below shows the left image (Figure 2) a possible display of the "EKZ" locations on the EKZ website and in the right image (Figure 3) the display if a customer switches to the normal display of www.LEMnet.org to see all the other available sites.

For larger regional companies we can provide interactive maps with individual icons that can be integrated in their own website. Some examples:

Contact us if you're interested to present your own charging stations within your website. -> Contact

Data export service
Providers of GPS devices, Maps and Route planners may contact us directly. We can provide the relevant data as an online service (XML). -> Contact

National editors
LEMnet has for every country that has registered a notable number of "charging points" its own editor. This editor is responsible for the country-specific location data and checks it before the data record goes online. There are some countries that have no editor, so we are open to inquiries. Please contact us.

Data-record structure for POIs
Soon we will publish on this page a standardized record structure for "POIs" (Points of Interest) for electric vehicle charging stations. We work together with various manufacturers and suppliers of GPS and POI data and systems.

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